Khrystian Thompson

I’m gonna have to make a dual nomination because I cant go without thanking just 1 person. I’m gonna start with how I got here which is Ingrid Ray. My friend invited me to this Facebook group called Pink Panty Chronicles founded by Ingrid Ray. I was pregnant and in a dark place due to my circumstances. I was a single mom, homeless and living in my car. Ingrid Ray doesn’t know this but the group brought me light in my darkness. I’m guessin that one of the few sources of positive energy brought me out of that place because I found a job, and found a place to live. A few months later I had found me a little boo. Ingrid posted about a trip to costa rica shortly after and I instantly wanted to be included! I needed this! My 1st out of country trip! Me and my boo decided we would take our 1st baecation. Then bam! That ended as quick as it began lol. Well now I’m tripping because I’m like I’m gonna have to pay for myself AND him to make this trip!? I was so upset. So I was directed to contact Leslie to see what I could do. She was so sweet and helpful. I remember she was out of town on her own trip and spoke to me to help ease my mind. She told me she would separate the rooms for me when she got back from her trip. I didn’t have to contact her and remind her or constantly nag her about how to get my room situation fixed. A few days later she contacted me, gathered the details and fixed it for me. Since then, I’ve contacted Leslie and she ALWAYS assisted me with no issues. Her response time is immaculate, her energy is EVERYTHING. This lady has been nothing but helpful to me. I felt like she catered to me and if I feel like that and she has 300+ people she tends to, I can only imagine how the others feel. Ingrid Ray and Leslie are my nominations. Without them and this trip, it would have been a lifetime before I experienced something so amazing! 🥂 cheers to PPC and Ultimate Soul Escape and giving me something so great to look forward too!

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