Donique Cumberbatch

When I found out that there was an opportunity for me to share a bit of my story, relating to the relationship I have build over the years, with Leslie and the Lady Diamonds Team, I realized that I had something important to say.

I have known the Team for over 20 years and was first introduced to the services they provide through a mutual friend. I was in search of a fur coat that I could afford and was told that Team Lady Diamonds had the best resources and payment plans to help me get what I wanted.

Connecting to this group of ladies had a huge impact on my life and I realized later that they were actually a breath of fresh air for me at a time in my life when I needed just what they offered me as a woman.

At the time I met them I was very much into the whole “80’s” thing. I proudly wore my big doorknocker earrings, “Mr. T-like” gold chains and a sported a mouth full of gold teeth! I cringe to remember those days! By the way, Lady Diamonds also upgraded my entire jewelry collection replacing my chunky gold chains with diamond pendants and tennis bracelets.

Leslie (Lady Diamonds) had me meet her at the furrier, which was a posh boutique in Manhattan with plush carpet, wine filled flutes and a vault full of every color and style fur you could ask for.  I immediately felt that I was out of my league in this atmosphere, and I was extremely nervous wondering what in the world she thought of me. I believe that Leslie sensed my anxiety but made me feel comfortable and unjudged and offered reassurance that I would be able to walk out of there with what I wanted. Leslie gave the impression of a refined and sophisticated woman who was well spoken, kind, strong, ambitious and someone who was able to make things happen.

Knowing these ladies and building a friendship over the years has contributed greatly to changing my own perspective on what a true friendship is. Here is a team of women who have the unwavering drive to make things possible for anyone even when they think it is impossible. Here is a team of women who revel in bringing all those that surround them to greatness.  Here is a team of women who do not hesitate to “pass the torch” and share knowledge and support. The Jacobs Agency, Team Lady Diamonds, makes a way when there is no way! They offer the best advice with a sprinkle of sparkle. I want to thank this Team for their professionalism in any realm presented to them and their representing to the fullest.

This year I will have the opportunity to travel with this phenomenal group of women and their guests to Costa Rica and I am sure I will have a great testimony to contribute afterwards. Thank you TJA for your contributions to community.

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