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Meet the Team

Meet the President

Leslie Jacobs, Founder

Tenacious, Solution Driven, Leader Amongst Her Peers

Leslie Jacobs is an entrepreneur and business woman with extensive experience in sales, planning, promotion, branding and marketing. Leslie got her start over 2 decades ago organizing small local events, and ultimately expanded her portfolio to include extravagant affairs and international events. Leslie’s empire has grown to include the sale of luxury goods, high quality print services, and the ability to leverage her extensive database and network to provide small and medium sized businesses with opportunities to grow their reach.

Leslie’s business sensibilities and exceptional interpersonal skills have earned her an established client base and a reputation for excellence.  Leslie recently launched The Jacobs Agency to provide a focused range of services to small and medium businesses. The Jacobs Agency offers a range of customizable services to brand, market, and promote each business and take it to the next level.


Juanita Morse, The Jacobs Agency

Creative, Reliable, Committed

Juanita Morse has been instrumental in the branding of The Jacobs Agency, LLC. As the Brand Strategist, Juanita offers fresh insight and practical ideas to properly position each of The Jacobs Agency's brands she works with. Her goal is to provide a strategy for maintaining, improving, and elevating our brands and our clients' businesses for the best possible exposure. 

Nita doubles as an analyst at a NYC agency, and she’s also the founder of Morse Code Digital - A brand management company. Nita holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing from the University of Buffalo.


Shareem Braxton, The Jacobs Agency & Lady Diamonds

Authentic, Dedicated, Insightful

Shareem "S. Braxton" brings a strong multi-media and broadcasting background to The Lady Diamonds team. As the Director of Communications, she is responsible for developing a comprehensive social media strategy that builds brand recognition and engagement across various digital platforms. Her ability to multi-task and wear many hats is invaluable to the team.

S. Braxton is also a licensed International Travel Agent, as well as a host and emcee, who adds a dose of personality and professionalism to every event.

Executive Management

Disa Scott, Lady Diamonds

Enthusiasm, Inspirational, Synergetic

As Assistant Director of Planning and Promotion, Disa is a chief contributor of the Lady Diamonds planning and promotion team as well as the key executive support role to the President.  From planning, promotion, and organizational support, her extraordinary networking skills and calm professional demeanor make her the perfect person to engage guests, promote events, build new client relationships and excels at managing event sales.

Disa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

Project Management

Sonya Tyler, Lady Diamonds

Trustworthy, Collaborative, Innovative

Sonya is a key aspect that rounds out the Lady Diamonds promotion and design team, and also provides a range of services to the team. As Manager of Promotion and Design, her eye for detail, class and artistic flair allows her to contribute significantly to event concept and design. This natural quality derives from her talent of photography. Her company Ty’Da offers great services to assist parents that want their children in commercials, print or the entertainment arena.  Sonya’s jovial spirit is a breath of fresh air to the team as she continues to contribute, evolve, and excel in her abilities, especially her networking skills, promotion and management of event tickets.