Vonetta Henry

Let me start off by saying that in our “community” we are often quick to complain/bash/cancel but rarely compliment and give praise where praise is due. I first found out about this company/trip In February via The Shawn Harvey Morning Show. Even though it was late in the process I asked a few friends and started planning. I’m the contact person for my friends who are traveling from 3 Different states so there were a lot of details and questions to be asked. Leslie from The Jacobs Agency has been nothing short of AMAZING (she’s my friend in my head) lol!!! From the very first moment I conversed with Leslie in February until now (June)  she has been quick with responses, clear on all  information, accommodating, empathetic, and  always UNDERSTANDING. Leslie has literally gone above and beyond for my crew and I’m so appreciative. I can’t imagine what a feat it must be to pull off vacations of this size and magnitude, yet Leslie has consistently handled it all with such grace and professionalism. I have had such a wonderful experience working with Leslie over the past four months that I will continue to support and promote her, her team, and her movement. I have spoken so highly about this team that friends and family that could NOT make this years trip are anxiously awaiting where The Ultimate Soul Escape will go next!!! Thank you for all that you do!

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