Robin Teraina Mack

I  enthusiastically nominate my travel ambassador INGRID RAY…she’s been phenomenal in leading myself along with the rest of our travel group as we navigated through all the steps to make it to this point of anticipating our 1st journey with ultimate escape travel to Costa Rica..Whenever we had a question or concern she jumped right on it and followed up with any and all information we needed..She constantly reassured about everything and definitely eased our sometimes anxiety. She’s been fabulous from start to finish..arranging for us to have Zoom Q&A meetings to organize trip details, items to remember especially with Covid requirements …I couldn’t ask for a better addition to her many levels of excellence,  she has succeeded in carrying me ( us) for all these months and here we are  only weeks away from our trip and I can’t wait to get to Costa Rica and have the time of our lives every single day and make it a trip to remember…Sincerely,  Robin Teraina…one of the PPC girls👙👑

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