Barbie Colon

Well my luggage has arrived. And I’m so excited I want to start packing now. Lol!  Let me not get ahead of myself. I will start by saying I heard of the Jacob agency and this Costa  Rica trip through the Shawn Harvey morning show. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to attend due to financial difficulties, but God sent a blessing and I’m able to attend this epic event. This will be my very first out of country trip and I get to go with the Jacob’s agency. Let me just say LESLIE is a absolutely treasure. She has been so accommodating and has always answered mine and my girlfriends questions and concerns  regarding the Costa Rica trip. I informed Leslie that another friend  wanted to join with us last minute, Not only did she speak with her, she was able to accommodate her and get her a room. Now tell me that isn’t top notch. The Jacob agency rocks.

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