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Why You'll Love The Jacobs Agency

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 - Guest, Other ★★★★★

"I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with you. It’s really great how convenient and easy my experience working with you has been. Your excellent customer service is one of your most valuable merits, and it’s appreciated. Your efforts and determination to get it right the first time is impressive. Thank you for your caring and friendly customer relations. Until next time."

 - Lady Diamonds Worker, Lady Diamonds Event ★★★★★

Lady diamond event four workers

"Leslie has been an absolute pleasure to work with! I truthfully don’t know how I could’ve planned my St. Lucia destination without her. From negotiating the absolute beat deals, to organizing flights, transportation and excursions she has been concise and patient throughout the entire process. I am truly blessed to have worked with her to make my dream wedding come true!"

 - Denielle, Consulting ★★★★★

Consulting wedding couple

"The Jacob Agency brings something different to the industry. Amazing creations, ideas, and most importantly implementation with great detail and success!"

 - Guest, Other ★★★★★

"Working with Leslie is such a pleasure. She is always looking out for those that are willing to assist in all her endeavors. Very professional in all aspects of her business. She always has a keen sense for doing great work and every opportunity with her is a great learning experience!"

 - Lady Diamonds Worker, Lady Diamonds Event ★★★★★

Lady diamond event three workers

"Last year, you just couldn’t get enough of Jamaica Thank you Lady Diamonds for inspiring us to get off our butts in 2019! Bringing family and friends together, the experience was awesome. Planning everything from putting together an itinerary, activity opportunities, and gave us lots of entertainment. Well done to the Ultimate Soul Escape crew. Thank you very much, I can’t wait to go to Costa Rica in 2021. I’m hoping you’ll join us on our adventures The Caribbean truly has some beautiful vacation spots. If you haven’t registered for Costa Rica yet, don’t miss out! Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.” 

 - LadyAnn, Ultimate Soul Escape ★★★★★

"I had the privilege of working with the Jacobs Agency during the Ultimate Soul Escape 2019, where customer satisfaction is a priority!. I found it to be very organized, suitable for couples or single looking to relax and enjoy quality entertainment, make new friend and enjoy the natural beauty on this carribean escape!"

 - Ultimate Soul Escape 2019 Worker, Ultimate Soul Escape ★★★★★

Ultimate soul escape 2019 worker

"My experience was nothing but great with Lady Diamond and her staff!! Every question I asked it was answered with no problem, Everyone is very professional looking forward to traveling with this company again "

 - Guest, Lady Diamonds Events ★★★★★

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